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CWC has a large library of papers, reports and films describing our work, encapsulating our research and describing the children’s movements we help to facilitate. To order any of the below products for a small charge, or for more information, please contact us.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2009
Annual Report 2008

Documentary Films

  1. Combating Child Labour in India (A film that tells the story of the birth of CWC and its early strategies to address child labour, Duration 26 minutes)
  2. We Speak (,Duration 28 minutes)
  3. Jhulu Jhulu Andalo (Holeyamma (river mother) gently leads, Pani, a little girl, along a voyage of rediscovering the past and relating it to the present, Duration 32 minutes)
  4. Time to Listen (A documentary of the first ever International Meeting of Working Children held at Kundapur Taluk, Udupi District, Karnataka, India in 1996, Duration 48 minutes)
  5. Makkala Grama Swaraj Born with Rights (In order to document the experiences of the Makkala Panchayats (children’s councils) and their immense positive impact on rejuvenating democracy, we have made the film ‘Makkala Grama Swaraj’ (Born with Rights’ in English). These experiences are set in the larger frame of democracy in the country — and in establishing the citizenship of children.Duration 56 minutes)
  6. Give Us A Chance (A documentary of the five-day Regional Convention of Working Children and National Convention of Working Children that took place in Karnataka, India in 1996. 5,000 children came together to make their voice heard, Duration 22 minutes)
  7. Brave Young World (A film on CWC’s global experiences in children’s participation, Duration 30 minutes)
  8. Taking Destiny in their Hands (A film on the International Movement of Working Children, Duration 45 minutes)
  9. Citizen’s Today (A film on children’s participation in governance, Duration 45 minutes)
  10. “Banned-Aid” Thepeya Tootugalu (A film based on children recounting  their traumatic experiences of the ‘raid-and-rescue’ operations by the government , Duration 20 minutes)

Television series for Children

Makkala Toofan TV Programme 

Children’s Participation and Protagonism

  1. Children Rejuvenate Governance – Children ‘s Impact on Governance
  2. Young Citizens Address Alcohol Abuse: By Kavita Ratna
  3. Media Code of Conduct to Realise Children’s Rights,2006: Edited By Kavita Ratna
  4. Children’s Rights: Making Headlines, 2007: By Kavita Ratna
  5. Protocol of the Makkala Panchayat: By Bhima Sangha and Makkala Panchayats of Alur, Belve, Balkur, Uppunda, Keradi, Holagundi, Mathhalli and Bairumb, Karnataka
  6. Children as Partners in Change, 2000: By Nandana Reddy
  7. The Meaningful Participation of Children or Children’s Protagonism, 2000: By Nandana Reddy
  8. Oxford Notes: Documenting Bhima Sangha’s Research on Children’s Resilience in Adversity, 2000: By Kavita Ratna
  9. Children and their Rights Convention, 1999: By Nandana Reddy
  10. Have We Asked the Children?, 1997: By Nandana Reddy
  11. Our Story Our Dreams, 1997: By Nagaraj Kolkere
  12. The Global Study on Children and Violence (Bhima Sangha’s Submission to UN)
A Unique Revolution, 2004: (Children develop the official five-year plan of their Panchayats

Struggle for a New World (Kannada/ English) (Colorful set of 10 posters demanding to view Children as Protagonists and holders of rights)

Publications for Children:
  1. Kamakshi and the King: By Nandana Reddy
  2. Fatima’s Story: By Nandana Reddy
  3. The Bird in the Cage: By Nandana Reddy
Publications by Children:
  1. Alternate Report of National Movement of Working Children (NMWC) – (The NMWC submits its report to the UNCRC in 2003)
  2. Work We Can and Cannot Do, 1999- (Working Children of Belve Panchayat, Karnataka define what work is appropriate for them and what work is not) (Only soft version is available)
  3. Working Children’s Report, 1998- (Working Children in India prepare their own report for submission to the UNCRC, becoming the first children to ever present a report before the Committee)

Globalisation and Children

  1. Children and the New World: By Nandana Reddy
  2. Children and Democracy: By Damodar Acharya
  3. Children and Social Security: By Ganapathi M.M
  4. Social Movements: Children as Agents of Change: By Anna Giske


  1. Education and Child Labour in the Indian Context By: Nandana Reddy
  2. Beyond Formal Education, 2006: By: Damodar Acharya
  3. Education – Views of Working children, 1995
  4. Report of the Appropriate education, 1995
  5. Education for Working Children, 1985
  1. Children and Their Research – A Process Document: By Lolichen PJ, 2003
  2. Taking A Right Turn – Children lead the way in Research: By Child Research Protogonists from Hombadi, Mandadi, Ajari, and Gujjadi Panchayats of Kundapur Taluk
  3. Children in Driving Seat: By Lolichen PJ with Anuradha Shetty, Jyothi Shenoy and Christie Nash
  4. Children and Information Management: By Lolichen PJ 
Publications by Children:

Our Survey Story (Kannada/English): Children document their experiences with conducting  research

Civil Society Participation

Striking at the Roots of Democracy:    By Nandana Reddy and Damodar Acharya

Lohia Centenary Celebration: Papers by Nandana Reddy

  1. Growing Up With Doctor
  2. Learning the Lohia Way
  3. Lohia and Globalisation
  4. Women Socialism and Liberation

  • When you look into a child’s eyes you expect to see hope, trust and innocence; but when you see these signs of childhood are replaced by betrayal, hunger, fear & suspicion, we need to take a serious stock of ourselves and the society we have created.

    - Nandana Reddy | CWC

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