Street Children’s Protagonism: A Rights­ based Approach By Anupama Sureshbabu

Posted on December 06, 2012

The Concerned for Working Children (CWC) has been working with street children in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, for several years. Through our work we have identified that street children are subject to insecurities in dwelling, income and source of food. Besides their physical insecurity, girls are subject to sexual abuse and harassment and in general children’s access to protection mechanisms is limited and forums for their participation are largely absent.

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ChildHope has had a close connection with organisations in India since we started in 1989 and we now have partners in Eastern, Northern and Southern India. The Concerned for Working Children (CWC) are world leaders in child participation. They have a proven track record in working with street and working children and have been recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of this work. ChildHope and CWC were able to secure financial support from an anonymous donor to contribute to their programmes during 2011.