Clean Election for a Sound Democracy

Posted on May 04, 2013

The 2013 Karnataka assembly election has been dominated by the issue of corruption and the “simplistic” response has been the selection of “clean” candidates. Several new political formations have also entered the fray promising clean governance and many of them are really corporate alliances pushing a urban elite agenda that furthers their interest. As this has dominated the recent debate both in the media and the election campaign, it has subverted the real concerns of the majority of the citizen in Karnataka who are the rural and the urban poor and the marginalized. These video episodes highlight some of  the more critical and burning issues and also explore the big picture and the larger concerns of the rights of the citizens in a democracy and the promises that we have made to ourselves in the Indian constitution. The over arching premise that clean candidates funded by large industrialists will not necessarily nurture an inclusive development agenda and promote the principles enunciated in our constitution have been highlighted by many representatives of large movements in these videos. Following are the links to the videos: