Report National Consultation ‘Are you anti #ChildLabour or #AntiChild?’

Posted on July 29, 2015






















Under the banner of our ‘Are you anti #ChildLabour or #AntiChild?’ campaign we organised a national consultation on the 14th of July at Ashirwad, Bangalore, to discuss questions and concerns around the recent child labour approach and the proposed Amendments to the Child Labour Act. The event was attended by 57 participants, representing 27 organisations working in the field of child rights. With the screening of CWC’s docu-drama ‘Banned Aid’ about children’s negative experiences with the procedure of raid and rescue, the presentations of prominent speakers -Dunu Roy (Hazards Centre Delhi), Khusboo Jain (social activist), Christopher Williams (International Justice Mission), Fr. Edward Thomas (former chairperson KSCPCR) and Arlene Manohoran (Centre for Child and Law) and the presentations of the children representatives from working children’s unions -Bhima Sangha, Chiguru, Hasira Sangha and Vidiyal, several aspects of the child labour debate were discussed. The participants agreed on the various dilemma’s surrounding child labour and that a more democratic evidence based approach is required for a child rights friendly law which truly supports working children.


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