Posted on August 24, 2016








We are very happy to let you know that Eligibility Committee of the Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF) has informed us that Concerned For Working Children is now eligible to receive grants from CAF America. Donors are able to make tax-effective gifts to CAF America with The Concerned For Working Children as the grant recipient.Please note that CAF America donors receive a tax receipt showing the full amount of the gift as a charitable contribution.

We are now listed on CAF America’s Charity Database. At this point in time, we are eligible to receive grants from CAF America until 6th August 2018. There are provisions for applying for further extension of this eligibility which we will pursue in due course.

Please go to this link where you will find the CAF America Gift Form. All grant suggestions are to be approved by the CAF America Board of Directors before being awarded to us. CAF America’s policy does not permit acceptance of gifts or grants if the grantee provides tangible benefits to donors in return for such gifts or grant payments. Impermissible benefits include but are not limited to meals, gifts, prizes, travel, scholarship or tuition, special event admissions, discounts, etc. Their policy allows for donors to be made members of the recipient organization so long as no such benefits are provided in connection with membership. These restrictions are to protect CAF America’s donors from adverse tax consequences.

The link to our facebook page will give you the latest updates related to our programmes, activities and campaigns. We are seeking support to keep going forward.

We request you to please share this information with public and private institutions in the US, friends and family members and individuals who may consider supporting our work. Do get back to us if you require further information about the CAF or about our work.

We thank you for the solidarity you have given us over the years and we gratefully count you among our friends.