Internships at CWC: frequently asked questions

Do I get paid for the internship?

Internships with CWC are entirely voluntary. CWC cannot provide any financial support to interns. All cost of travel, accommodation and personal expenses must be borne by the intern. However we encourage you to apply for an external scholarship or look for a sponsoring institution. If you are currently enrolled at a University we recommend you contact your college and request for a financial support. CWC will support you through letters of reference, if required for scholarship applications.

What sort of duties might an intern undertake?

Each internship is different and varies according to intern’s interest and education background as well as from current projects at CWC.

Some examples of recent intern projects are:

  • Completing a research paper analysing government policies towards migrant workers through a rights-based framework
  • Researching and writing leaflets presenting CWC’s position on child work and child labour for a mainstream audience
  • Assisting with teaching at our educational institute, Namma Nalanda Vidyapeetha

What type of visa do I need to intern at CWC?

As internships are voluntary, a Tourist visa is normally sufficient. Be aware, though, that Tourist visa holders cannot re-enter India for three months after leaving. When you first apply for a Visa, try to get one that will remain valid for the duration of your entire stay in India, since a Visa renewal can turn into a painstakingly long procedure.

How many hours a week is an intern expected to work?

CWC operates on a 6-day workweek, with a day off every Sunday. However, there is also another day off on the second Saturday of every month. Sometimes (like during workshops) circumstances may arise which will change your schedule: you may need to work longer hours, or come in on your ‘days off’.

What are the office’s working hours?

Official office hours at CWC are 9:30-5:30, with a lunch break at 1pm. Sometime individual schedules will likely fluctuate according to need.

Can I travel or take time off during my internship?

Taking time off and travelling is absolutely possible as long as you discus it in advance with your supervisor and get a permission from him/her. During public holidays the CWC’s office is closed and you can use these days for travelling.

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