Administration and finance

Administration and finance team – Kundapura

Ms.Anushree, Ms.Jayanthi K , Ms.Kripa M M, Mr.Manjunath K, Mr. Shivamurthy B, Mr. Sunder N, Mr. Suresh Suggi Gouda

(0ld for reference of role) Shivamurthy B – director of administration and finance, Jayanthi K – accounts officer, Kripa M. M. – projects officer, Manjunath K. T. – transport, Shivalingappa – transport, Sundar N. – senior admin assistant

Administration and finance team – Bangalore

Mr. Hanumantharayappa Gowda K, Mrs. Lalitha, Ms. Mohini, Mr. Umesh Moolya

(0ld)Umesh Moolya – co-ordinator, Gracy – kitchen assistant, K. H. Gowda – junior projects officer, Kanchana – junior projects officer, Lalitha  – housekeeping, Narasaiyya – gardener, Sunitha – housekeeping assistant

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