CWC nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Posted on March 01, 2012

CWC has become the first Bangalore-based NGO to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The nomination came courtesy of three Norwegian MPs, Linda Hofstad Helleland, Gunn Karin Gjul and André Oktay Dahlt. The three have been followers of CWC’s work for some time.

“Since 1980, Concerned for Working Children (CWC) has contributed to several initiatives with such children’s rights organisations as Bhima Sangha and Makkala Panchayats (children’s councils)… to strengthen the influence of children,” the three said in their letter to the Nobel committee. “Few, if any, local organisations elsewhere have contributed as much to this work.”

The CWC has been nominated along with ‘Save the Children’ and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Nandana Reddy, co-founder of CWC, said that the nomination is a “recognition of children’s right to determine the course of their lives, more so, the rights of the underprivileged children, who have no voice. It’s been a long journey since 1985, when we went to the government with a draft bill against child labour”.

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