Toofan Episode on Exam Fear

Posted on March 13, 2013

This episode of Toofan TV talks to children and their parents directly about the fear of exams and here is a link to our programme – it has already elicited very good responses from children. It was broadcast on Doordarshan on last Sunday. The programme is in Kannada. The first part of the programme is related to exams and the second is a story presented with shadow puppets for younger children.
Please do see it and pass it on to as many children and adults as you can – those of you who have access to face book, blogs and other social media, we request you to please use them to share this – the programme includes contact details of many phone-help lines that children and parents may find useful.
By sharing this information – you could even save lives- we are saying this based on the increasing number of children attempting (and sometimes succeeding) to end their lives because they fear exams and their results.