Ganesha UB – The Norwegian School team

Posted on March 13, 2013

The Norwegian school team which collaborated with Namma Nalanda participated in the regional Championship. Please find their updates below.


“We won totally six 1st places, which is the highest number of prices won by one young enterprise alone. We won in the categories “Best young enterprise”, “Best human relations”, “Best web-site”, “Best social entrepreneur” (thanks to CWC, and your wonderful work!), “Best business plan”, and “Best exhibition”. We’ve worked a lot for that day, and we’re amazed by the amount of payback we got for it. It was a wonderful experience to tell other people about what we do, and what CWC is working with. We also found it very giving to tell other people about the difference they’re making by supporting our young enterprise and with that the building of Namma Nalanda.  In this context we would like to say thank you one more time – we would be nowhere without this cooperation! ”






















Heart Congratulations from all of us.